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Just Think of How It Was That Hot July

July 4, 2017

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Each week we examine a theme from a variety of points of view. This week’s theme is Independence Day (USA), which is celebrated today, July 4th.

Today’s poem is a July 4th poem imagining what it was like to rebel in 1776.

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Nick Gordon

Just think of how it was that hot July
Under threat of being hanged for treason.
Let yourself have faith enough to die,
Yet let that faith be in the power of reason.
Feel the heady fear of rash rebellion,
Of chaos, blood, death, vengeance, mayhem, blight.
Unleash with noble words that ancient hellion
Reigning cruelly over years of night.
They turned out to be right, those bold, brave men.
However, think what terrors faced them then.

© by Nicholas Gordon

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This week’s theme: Independence Day (USA)
July 4: Just Think of How It Was That Hot July

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