Wednesday, July 5, 2017

In Every Heart There Is, of Course, Corruption

July 6, 2017

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Each week we examine a theme from a variety of points of view. This week’s theme is Independence Day (USA), which falls on July 4th.

Today’s poem is a July 4th poem about the ubiquity of corruption.

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Nick Gordon

In every heart there is, of course, corruption.
No one is immune from lust and greed.
Democracy accommodates this need,
Embracing what might else lead to destruction.
People cannot people an ideal.
Equality's a myth, has always been
No more than something to put favors in,
Dependent on the lie that it is real.
Each decision is a battlefield,
Not of ideas but interests, yours and mine,
Calculated shrewdly to define
Exactly what advantage each might yield.
Do not be discouraged: Evil is
As much a part of us as love or bliss.
Yet what is not a wound cannot be healed.

© by Nicholas Gordon

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This week’s theme: Independence Day (USA)
July 6: In Every Heart There Is, of Course, Corruption

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