Thursday, April 13, 2017

Perhaps Christ Rose from the Dead; Perhaps He Didn't

April 14, 2017

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Each week we examine a theme from a variety of points of view. The twin themes for this week are Passover, the first night of which falls on April 10, and Easter, which falls on April 16.

Today’s poem is a Passover and Easter poem about the need for doubt.

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Nick Gordon

Perhaps Christ rose from the dead; perhaps He didn’t.
And Moses may, or not, have split the sea.
So must faith supply what reason doesn’t,
Singing of how better life could be.
Ought one, can one pick and choose one’s truth,
Vested heavily in being right,
Even tailoring measurements to suit
Revelations seen in ambient light?
Even as one seals one’s certainties,
A bit of doubt should slip into the soul,
Sent to complicate one’s harmonies
That one might hear the richness of the whole.
Each truth’s a light that ought not make one blind:
Radiant, yes, but gentle, shy, and kind.

© by Nicholas Gordon

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This week’s theme: Easter and Passover
April 14: Perhaps Christ Rose from the Dead; Perhaps He Didn’t

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