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Life Is Beautiful, My Child

March 2, 2017

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Each week we examine a theme from a variety of points of view. The theme for this week is death.

Today’s poem is to a child about how the dead live on.

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Nick Gordon

Life is beautiful, my child,
Though many things go wrong,
And you may hear much sadness in
Its strange and lovely song.

Though friends and loved ones die, my child,
They're never really gone.
Nor more nor less than yesterday,
In you they will live on.

They will live on in you, my child,
As everything you see,
Though it must vanish, will remain
Alive in memory.

Alive in what you think and feel
And dream and say and do,
For all who ever were still are
Upon this earth in you.

© by Nicholas Gordon

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This week’s theme: Death
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